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Campsite ‘’De Oosterdriessen’’ is a family campsite and has been run by the Vletter family for 25 years now.

In 2013 son and daughter took over in order to continue with pride what their parents have built up in the previous 20 years. At “ De Oosterdriessen’’ you can camp in a quiet and natural area and with a lot to explore.

Campsite ‘’De Oosterdriessen’’ has existed since 1984 and its name originates from the area that was called ‘’De Oosterdriessen’’ in bygone ages.’’Driessen’’ meant ‘’ land that is flooded’’. That piece of land was situated east of the River Maas. In the valley of the Maas ( Meuse) there are many gravel stones to be found, carried along with the Maas from the Ardennes and the Vosges. The land which was called ‘’De Oosterdriessen’’ in earlier days is now flooded ( 250 hectares) caused by gravel excavation. Our campsite is situated on this gravel pond, called ‘’De Pieterplas’’.

Nowadays the area – and also the campsite – is still a flood plain. The chance of the terrain being flooded during the winter months is always there if there is heavy rainfall and snowfall in the Ardennes. That’s why we are only open till the end of September ( and starting the camping season mid-April).

We wish you a very pleasant stay and we would like to hear from you if you have any questions, suggestions or remarks.

The Vletter family & Employees.